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Our responsibility

As a company we shall be sure to take great care of the resources we have available. From our perspective it’s all about our employees and their work environment, safety of our products in the future food, our world environment and how it is affected by our activities.

Environment and quality

We are certified through FSSC22000 (Food Safety) and we are actively working with our Carbon Footprint Analyze (CFA) to compensate our environmental footprint as much as we possibly can.

Our food safety & environmental policy: Food Safety-, Quality- and Environmental policy NordArom AB

Our food safety system certification 22000: Certifikat FSSC 22000 KIWA ENG 20240903

NordArom is climate positive for 2020

Our climate work continues and now we have done our CFA (Carbon Footprint Analyze) for 2019. We have compensated 150% for all direct and indirect emissions for 2019 and we can now say that our business is climate positive.

This time, we have chosen to support projects aimed at sustainable agriculture and biodiversity.

In Panama, deforestation is a major problem and replanting is substandard. The Tropical Mix project aims to combine sustainable forestry together with the conservation and protection of the area’s biodiversity and rich ecosystems. This tree planting project spans most of Panama’s provinces on areas that together amount to over 3,000 acres. In total, more than 7.5 million trees have been planted during the project’s time, which not only binds carbon dioxide but also binds and secures water, reducing the risk of erosion. The project has so far contributed to a CO2e reduction of approximately 525 389 tonnes. In addition to the ecological benefits, Tropical Mix also has major social benefits. Parts of the areas are used for sustainable cocoa production, which contributes to the local economy. The project has also generated over 150 long-term employment with health insurance and pensions for the local population. Tropical Mix is the only forest project in the world that is triple certified with Gold Standard, FSC and UTZ. 1 ton in the project corresponds to about 7 planted trees and 65 sqm of protected forest.

If you have any questions about this, you are welcome to contact the CEO, Johan Eriksson. See link for CDM projects in Certificate Climate Compensation NordArom AB 2020.

NordArom certified for organic production

Since March 21 2016, we are certified for organic production (Certificate No. 181408870-1). We are revised to Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 of the Regulations (EC) No 889/2008.
Do you want to know more? Contact your sales representative with us for more information.

Certificate BIO 2021-08-19

Privacy Policy GDPR

Privacy and data protection is important for NordArom AB (NordArom). All processing of personal data is based on the regulations of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Data Controller is NordArom, if you have any questions regarding privacy and data protection within NordArom you should contact karin.liljebladh@nordarom.se, NordArom’s Data Protection Officer (DPO).

For further information read our external privacy policy Privacy Policy NordArom AB 2018.pdf