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The story of NordArom dates back to the 1950’s when the company was called VeA-Bolaget with extensive operations based in the food industry. In 1964 the company changed its name to AB Norrvea and in the 1970’s, when Bo Hansare assumed responsibility of the company from his father; operations began focusing on the company’s core production area of flavours and colours. Over the years the company has developed from being a wholesale supplier to the local bakeries to functioning as a strategic partner to food producers within a number of business areas.

In 2001 AB Norrvea the next generation of the family took over with Mats Hansare and Maria Hansare Wallin at the helm. The company continued to develop and in 2006 AB Norrvea acquired the Saturnus Industrial Division thereby gaining access to strong trademarks and a broad customer potential within the beverage industry. In autumn 2007 the company took a further step in its future development process by changing its name to NordArom AB.

From the ’50’s until today:

2007, September