Welcome to our world
of flavours and colours

Our strengths

For over 50 years we at NordArom have been adding flavour and colour to everything from ice-cream to marzipan cakes. Today we work together with food producers throughout Europe, often involved in major product development projects which really put our knowledge and experience to the test.

All our operations will be characterized with:


With many years of professional experience our product developers know exactly how the right flavours or colours should be designed – often using only their eyes, noses and taste buds as tools. In addition we make sure, of course, that our products suit your production.


Confectionary, cakes, mineral waters, yoghurt, ice cream, dietary supplements, energy drinks… we have the flavours and colours to suit a wide variety of uses. And quite often our experience from one area is invaluable in another.

Our commitment

We at NordArom are crazy about flavours and colours. We visit trade fairs throughout the world to gain inspiration and to learn about the latest in this field and by developing relationships with our clients we can contribute with ideas and suggestions for expanding their products. This is why we have so many clients that have been working with us for many years.

Our flexibility

As our operations are concentrated and our organization simply structured, we are able to deliver both large as well as small quantities and can, without delay, create special solutions to suit a particular client.