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Nordarom has been a well-known supplier to the bakery industry for many years. In other words, our flavours and colourings used in bakery products have been well-tested by now. Our range of products includes flavours and colours, both in liquid and powder form, for those who bake themselves as well as for suppliers of ready prepared food. We market our products either directly to the client or through chosen bakery wholesale suppliers.


Jelly, marshmallow figures, chocolate pralines or hard toffee. We have the flavours and the colours for all types of confectionary and the knowledge and experience to see that our products suit your production.

Successful confectionary products are often based on a combination of exciting flavours and attractive colours. We work closely with our clients and gladly share with them our knowledge and experience as well as the trends that we come across during our travels.

Ice cream and dairy

To be the producer of this season’s top seller is the biggest challenge facing all ice cream manufacturers. We help you to find the right flavour and colour, regardless of whether it is to be used in a completely new and exciting flavour experience or to re-create a favorite from before. We have the flavours and colours for ice cream mixtures, ripples, jams and dipping sauces and, of course, we make
sure our deliveries suit the fat levels and freezing qualities of your particular products.

Many of our ingredients are also suitable for dairy products such as, for example, flavoured milks and yoghurts. Thanks to our flexible production we can satisfy the requirements of even the smallest dairy.


Beverages are probably the most changing of all our business areas. To keep pace with the consumers’ constant demand for new products requires a flexible and innovative partner who can quickly present new, appealing taste and colour combinations. NordArom is such a partner.

Many of our products are especially suited to various types of drinks, for example, mineral waters and soft drinks and we have many satisfied clients within the beverage industry.

Other food products

Flavours and colours can be used in a wide variety of food products, probably more than most people realize. They can be used to enhance a natural flavour in a fat-reduced product, or resemble the consumers’ expectation of an appetizing colour or perhaps restore flavour and colour that has been lost during the manufacturing process. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience of the qualities our products can provide as well as the limitations imposed by legislation, regulation and similar.