Welcome to our world
of flavours and colours

What makes a good flavour or a beautiful colour is very much a question of… exactly taste. Therefore to be successful in our business requires experience, knowledge and sensitive taste buds.

We know the right flavour and colour can mean the difference between a flop and a success for an ice cream producer, a confectionary manufacturer or an operator in the beverage industry. Therefore we choose to work closely with our clients; we include many test sessions and of course, provide complete confidentiality. But we do also develop products on our own behalf – especially when we come across a really exciting flavour – we just have to go ahead and try it.

1 – The idea

Our work always begins with an idea for a flavour or colour. This can come from a client or from us. It can come from a trip, an experience or an impression gained from somewhere in the world. It can be either something specific or just a feeling.

2 – Analyzing the conditions

The experience of a good flavour or a beautiful colour is personal – but also depends on where in the world we live. To add flavour to an ice cream is not the same as adding flavour to mineral waters. We use our knowledge of customer preferences and product characteristics to create the right conditions for the project.

3 – Creating

This is when our experienced product developers begin the intensive process of mixing and experimenting in the laboratory. Tastes and colours are tested in both a pure form and in the end product..

4 – Technical adaptation

When we have found the right flavour and colour we then make sure that the product actually works in practice. We adapt the product and recipe to suit the technical conditions, the legislation and regulations, raw material availability as well as the costing aspect.

5 – Consumer testing

Introducing a new product is a major investment. Therefore most of our clients arrange tasting sessions, both internally as well as with panels comprising of chosen consumers.

6 – Production testing

Before any new flavour or colour can be included in the production process we often carry out test runs at the clients’ plant. We are in place to see that our product functions in the way it was intended.